Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alyss = Alice oh look another tie!

This is a random dream sequence in the novel I'm writing for NaNoWriMo. If you don't know what Nanowrimo is then go read the post before this one....... well here it is..... oh quick thing..... It's really random, a bit creepy, and takes Lewis Carroll to the extreme so be forewarned now.

slowly slipped into a strange dream. A guy with a blue shirt on, and cat ears appeared in front of John and suddenly cut off two of his four hands with a clever, being held by his long skinny black tail. The crazed four armed bleeding man kept repeating "It's all fun and games....until it's a scavenger hunt." Over and over as if he was stuck on some kind of a loop. The man gave John a cheshire grin and swung the clever at John and before the knife hit John the guy disappeared. John stood in the black of his dream and heard laughing. John walked, his footsteps echoing through the darkness till he came up to a girl. She was laughing and moving her head back and forth as if she were looking something. “Hey” John said, about to put his hand on her shoulder when she turned around. John jumped back and had to stop himself from screaming. The girl had no face. The girl raised her hand to show there was a mouth in her palm and laughed. “You could be described as a
jumping bean. Don’t be scared little bean I’m searching the great white rabbit for once I find him I shall get a wish.” The girl’s voice sounded very cheery but it was also and flat and chillingly cold. John nodded and ran his fingers through his head. “Good luck, look out for the bleeding clever dude.” John replied trying to process what he was witnessing. “Cheshire is a cruel old cat. I’d be weary little bean, Cat’s like mice you know. It’s the hatter who will have your head.” The girl broke out into laughter again and disappeared into thin air, leaving John thoroughly confused. “I’m stuck in an even more demented version of Alice in wonderland than the original.” John said to himself as the smell of tea drifted through the air and a strange sound followed it. It was like someone was repetitively dropping a top hat on the floor and picking it up and dropping it again. Unbeknownst to John a shadow figure came up behind him. The sound stopped and John turned around to see a dormouse riding a giant hat with maniacal yellow eyes and dripping red fangs. “What the fu….” Before John could complete his sentence he was eaten by the top hat and woke up in a cold sweat. The book fell off his face and he sat there glaring at the cover. “Lewis Carroll that is the last time I’m letting any of your books anywhere near me when I sleep.” John groaned staring up at the blazing sun."
- previous dream sequence is copyrighted by Cori Marsh

The Fable of Life is copy and paste
If I find anyone stole this from me I will go medieval on your ass and get the boiling hot tar!
Thanks for reading, I'm off. Need to read twelve thousand words before my friend does.
Wish me luck!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ok I failed.

I have a good reason for not posting though, and why this zombie like blog will actually probably die after this post till December. Well I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month. If you don't know what it is then let me explain/pour boiling oil on you. Joking. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month that happens in November. So that means while I might neglect my blog I shall be typing busily away trying to force fifty thousand words from my fingers. Hopefully due to my lack of posting...... I mean less then now ..... I shall not be forgotten. Speaking of writing what am I doing?! I need to get to eleven thousand by tonight and I have a fiction paper to do. >.<; Oh nos......

The fable of life is thinking that something is impossible.

I SHALL SUCCEED!!!!!! ....... I hope....... Wish me luck.

Sorry again for the short post and lack of posting.
I might start posting prompts on here for anyone amusement.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sonata in F Major

Hey look I've posted again. So far I'm doing a lot better then last month! In all actuality I'm sitting here in my studio class listening to my peer, Robert, play the piano. Did I mention I'm a musician? Well if not i am. I play the upright bass, electric bass, and guitar. I want to officially learn piano, I only know a few songs, also I used to know how to play the trumpet, trombone, and cello but it has been year since I have picked them up. I found a love of writing, cooking, and better instruments, what can I say? Yes the writing aspect may surprise you. This blog is not necessarily my best work so don't judge off of this. I am an English major at my college and next year I'm going to try and enter The New Writing Dundee which is a fiction magazine based in Dundee, Scotland but they open their pages to anyone from around the world. Also I want to put out in the world that I am a nerdfighter who loves Trock. If you don't know what ether of those I shall explain. A nerdfighter is just like a regular human but instead of being made of tissues and organs and stuff we are made of awesome. Go to to find out more. Trock is the abbreviated name for time lord rock which is a genre of music based entirely on Doctor Who. I am obsessed with Doctor Who and another show called Firefly, which unfortunately was canceled. Look I'm going on and on about things I'll sign off now.

The Fable of life is thinking we are split, Browncoats and Alliance. We are all one.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Hope

I'm listening to My Hope by Youtuber sweetafton23 aka Molly Lewis. It is catchy and a great song all together and I believe you should go subscribe to her. I've been thinking about you, who ever you are. If I don't know you past say a username do you exist? I doesn't seem there is an issue seeing as there is no you yet =P Well not much has happened since I last posted, or now that I think about it, maybe a few things have. I got my bass fixed which makes me happy, I got hit by a car. I'm ok don't worry, and I finished my English profile piece which I feel was really amazing but that isn't my decision it's my professors. They fixed the stove in my dorm so when I get pots and pans I shall start cooking and blogging about it. The idea is up in the air but I might start a collab channel with my friend on youtube. >.<; scary. Also I am in the middle of making my Halloween costume and trying to save my band. Our drummer moved away and our singer doesn't want to sing. Wish me luck.

Sorry this one is so short, exhausted.
Always remember that reality is a fable of life, no matter what people tell you you can make your life into anything you want.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston

It has been a while since I lasted posted on here.
Not much has happened since then. Or maybe allot has.
Work, school, two tests, oh and I'm completely confused.
I'm a freshman this year but it seems I found myself a really nice guy.
The problem with really nice guys is that they are also distractions which I can't have.
I can't get him from my mind and he keeps on like a hurt puppy dog making me feel bad about the whole situation.
Ok yes I caused it it's all my fault but is it wrong for me to concentrate on studies right now so I don't lose my scholarship?
I really need help but their really isn't anyone to turn to.
I'm not really friends enough with people here yet to bring this kind of situation to them and family is out of the question.
I really want him but I feel I really can't.
Everything else in college is easy so why does this have to be so hard.
Sorry about the bitching,
I promise to post more about a journal and craziness later.
The Fable in Life is thinking that decisions are easy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Living in China

And Rain!
I, as I have mentioned before, am a college student. I possibly didn't mention that I live in a dorm. My dorm is very close to all my classes, very very very close. I could roll out of bed at 3:00 for a 3:00 class and still be on time. Now that is all fine and dandy but when it comes to getting food or visiting friends basically I live in China. Which is not as fun as it may sound. Think of it as having an old Macintosh. You still have access to the vast array of information on the Internet but when it comes to AIM or YouTube your screwed. Other than that it isn't all bad. My first time living on my own, a shower that is only in use when I need to use it, a stove/oven that has a mind of it's own. It is a lot like an adventure including all the frustration. I am enjoying myself though. I don't mind biking across campus to see my friends and I'll probably end up living over there anyways. YEY SLEEPINGBAGS! Sure my feet are now forever sopping wet from the combination of living in Louisiana and not owning a umbrella but it doesn't bother me.

Ok ok my apologise for this little rant.

Crazy day and tests are soon but thanks for reading......

or not reading.....

I think I may be all alone talking to myself and that makes me feel crazier than usual


The fable of life is thinking shoes will keep your feet dry.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In sweltering heat I still find the cold

Hmmmmm. How to start this?

College student with much to look forward to and yet nothing to look forward to all at the same time?

No that's no good.

How about.

I looked around typing to no one yet and sighed.

"What am I doing? A blog? About what?! I can't cook in my dorm. I'm still not too well off when it comes to playing my bass. I am definitely not going to be the top of the class. I'll just have to write about the here and now." Finger's raced across my keyboard viciously typing out the next phrase.

My life.......... sucks. No I'm being harsh. It's not bad at all. First time on my own. At college and possibly something good going with a guy named Dustin. I go by Cori due to the fact I really hate my real name. When your true name is called and cheerleaders and very ghetto kids answer you start to hate the name it's self. Not to mention it was spelled wrong. Enough about my name what else is there? The two short stories I should be reading for my fiction class? Nah you don't want to hear about homework. You probably have enough to deal with or had enough to deal with too never want to read the word homework ever again.

I am a musician. That's pretty interesting. I play the double bass, which for those not yet to google, is the large wooden instrument found in jazz bands, country groups, and orchestras. Basically the tuba of the string section. It standing on a metal pin and is larger than a cello. If you don't know what a cello is feel free to go to your precious google. I am average at it now but I'm getting better and maybe it will actually take me somewhere.

I originally started this thing as sort of a Julia and Julie spin of my own. I just got a cookbook of all the recipes in the French restaurant of New York called Les Halles. Unfortunately the stove in our dorm is broke beyond repair. I am a stubborn bitch though and didn't want to give this up just yet.

I want to hold your hand is playing in my mind and I'll wrap this up. All in all we are the Fable of Life and you'll be seeing more of me in the days to come.

Till then.