Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston

It has been a while since I lasted posted on here.
Not much has happened since then. Or maybe allot has.
Work, school, two tests, oh and I'm completely confused.
I'm a freshman this year but it seems I found myself a really nice guy.
The problem with really nice guys is that they are also distractions which I can't have.
I can't get him from my mind and he keeps on like a hurt puppy dog making me feel bad about the whole situation.
Ok yes I caused it it's all my fault but is it wrong for me to concentrate on studies right now so I don't lose my scholarship?
I really need help but their really isn't anyone to turn to.
I'm not really friends enough with people here yet to bring this kind of situation to them and family is out of the question.
I really want him but I feel I really can't.
Everything else in college is easy so why does this have to be so hard.
Sorry about the bitching,
I promise to post more about a journal and craziness later.
The Fable in Life is thinking that decisions are easy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Living in China

And Rain!
I, as I have mentioned before, am a college student. I possibly didn't mention that I live in a dorm. My dorm is very close to all my classes, very very very close. I could roll out of bed at 3:00 for a 3:00 class and still be on time. Now that is all fine and dandy but when it comes to getting food or visiting friends basically I live in China. Which is not as fun as it may sound. Think of it as having an old Macintosh. You still have access to the vast array of information on the Internet but when it comes to AIM or YouTube your screwed. Other than that it isn't all bad. My first time living on my own, a shower that is only in use when I need to use it, a stove/oven that has a mind of it's own. It is a lot like an adventure including all the frustration. I am enjoying myself though. I don't mind biking across campus to see my friends and I'll probably end up living over there anyways. YEY SLEEPINGBAGS! Sure my feet are now forever sopping wet from the combination of living in Louisiana and not owning a umbrella but it doesn't bother me.

Ok ok my apologise for this little rant.

Crazy day and tests are soon but thanks for reading......

or not reading.....

I think I may be all alone talking to myself and that makes me feel crazier than usual


The fable of life is thinking shoes will keep your feet dry.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In sweltering heat I still find the cold

Hmmmmm. How to start this?

College student with much to look forward to and yet nothing to look forward to all at the same time?

No that's no good.

How about.

I looked around typing to no one yet and sighed.

"What am I doing? A blog? About what?! I can't cook in my dorm. I'm still not too well off when it comes to playing my bass. I am definitely not going to be the top of the class. I'll just have to write about the here and now." Finger's raced across my keyboard viciously typing out the next phrase.

My life.......... sucks. No I'm being harsh. It's not bad at all. First time on my own. At college and possibly something good going with a guy named Dustin. I go by Cori due to the fact I really hate my real name. When your true name is called and cheerleaders and very ghetto kids answer you start to hate the name it's self. Not to mention it was spelled wrong. Enough about my name what else is there? The two short stories I should be reading for my fiction class? Nah you don't want to hear about homework. You probably have enough to deal with or had enough to deal with too never want to read the word homework ever again.

I am a musician. That's pretty interesting. I play the double bass, which for those not yet to google, is the large wooden instrument found in jazz bands, country groups, and orchestras. Basically the tuba of the string section. It standing on a metal pin and is larger than a cello. If you don't know what a cello is feel free to go to your precious google. I am average at it now but I'm getting better and maybe it will actually take me somewhere.

I originally started this thing as sort of a Julia and Julie spin of my own. I just got a cookbook of all the recipes in the French restaurant of New York called Les Halles. Unfortunately the stove in our dorm is broke beyond repair. I am a stubborn bitch though and didn't want to give this up just yet.

I want to hold your hand is playing in my mind and I'll wrap this up. All in all we are the Fable of Life and you'll be seeing more of me in the days to come.

Till then.