Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot coffee at Midnight..... Hush .... It's a good idea..... Maybe

I did it again. I stopped writing...... I'm a bad putty tat. Ok so lets catch up. No I didn't complete Nanowrimo which is ok. It was a choice between good grades on exams or nano. I choose good grades. I'm changing colleges finally which is nice. Lsu really isn't my kind of beat, also I may change my major. Who knows. ^.^ I think I'm just going to ramble in this blog, for that I'm sorry, I'll come up with a short story or something for my next one. I've been watching Arrested Development, My name is Earl, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Doctor Who, and the best show so far How I Met Your Mother. I have gained a small obsession with Neil Patrick Harris. If you haven't seen Dr.Horrible yet GO WATCH NOW!!!! Movies love me this year. I watched so many I couldn't list them all, but like so many before I have fallen in love with Casablanca. Music wise I have fallen back into jazz singers like Billie Holiday, indie such as Animal Collective, and just plain good like Hey Beautiful by the Solids. Oh if your ever on Myspace check out Prom date. They are a great local band. There is entertainment for you. Well I'm off for the night. I have midterms coming up and I need to study. Sweet dreams , if there are dreams to be had, and safe travels.
The fable of life is that the smallest thing will end it all.
I will leave you with a quote.

"It's a dangerous thing, stepping out your door...

You step into a road and if you don't keep your feet there is no telling where you might be swept off to." - Bilbo Baggins