Friday, September 11, 2009

Living in China

And Rain!
I, as I have mentioned before, am a college student. I possibly didn't mention that I live in a dorm. My dorm is very close to all my classes, very very very close. I could roll out of bed at 3:00 for a 3:00 class and still be on time. Now that is all fine and dandy but when it comes to getting food or visiting friends basically I live in China. Which is not as fun as it may sound. Think of it as having an old Macintosh. You still have access to the vast array of information on the Internet but when it comes to AIM or YouTube your screwed. Other than that it isn't all bad. My first time living on my own, a shower that is only in use when I need to use it, a stove/oven that has a mind of it's own. It is a lot like an adventure including all the frustration. I am enjoying myself though. I don't mind biking across campus to see my friends and I'll probably end up living over there anyways. YEY SLEEPINGBAGS! Sure my feet are now forever sopping wet from the combination of living in Louisiana and not owning a umbrella but it doesn't bother me.

Ok ok my apologise for this little rant.

Crazy day and tests are soon but thanks for reading......

or not reading.....

I think I may be all alone talking to myself and that makes me feel crazier than usual


The fable of life is thinking shoes will keep your feet dry.

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