Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston

It has been a while since I lasted posted on here.
Not much has happened since then. Or maybe allot has.
Work, school, two tests, oh and I'm completely confused.
I'm a freshman this year but it seems I found myself a really nice guy.
The problem with really nice guys is that they are also distractions which I can't have.
I can't get him from my mind and he keeps on like a hurt puppy dog making me feel bad about the whole situation.
Ok yes I caused it it's all my fault but is it wrong for me to concentrate on studies right now so I don't lose my scholarship?
I really need help but their really isn't anyone to turn to.
I'm not really friends enough with people here yet to bring this kind of situation to them and family is out of the question.
I really want him but I feel I really can't.
Everything else in college is easy so why does this have to be so hard.
Sorry about the bitching,
I promise to post more about a journal and craziness later.
The Fable in Life is thinking that decisions are easy.

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