Monday, October 12, 2009

My Hope

I'm listening to My Hope by Youtuber sweetafton23 aka Molly Lewis. It is catchy and a great song all together and I believe you should go subscribe to her. I've been thinking about you, who ever you are. If I don't know you past say a username do you exist? I doesn't seem there is an issue seeing as there is no you yet =P Well not much has happened since I last posted, or now that I think about it, maybe a few things have. I got my bass fixed which makes me happy, I got hit by a car. I'm ok don't worry, and I finished my English profile piece which I feel was really amazing but that isn't my decision it's my professors. They fixed the stove in my dorm so when I get pots and pans I shall start cooking and blogging about it. The idea is up in the air but I might start a collab channel with my friend on youtube. >.<; scary. Also I am in the middle of making my Halloween costume and trying to save my band. Our drummer moved away and our singer doesn't want to sing. Wish me luck.

Sorry this one is so short, exhausted.
Always remember that reality is a fable of life, no matter what people tell you you can make your life into anything you want.


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