Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sonata in F Major

Hey look I've posted again. So far I'm doing a lot better then last month! In all actuality I'm sitting here in my studio class listening to my peer, Robert, play the piano. Did I mention I'm a musician? Well if not i am. I play the upright bass, electric bass, and guitar. I want to officially learn piano, I only know a few songs, also I used to know how to play the trumpet, trombone, and cello but it has been year since I have picked them up. I found a love of writing, cooking, and better instruments, what can I say? Yes the writing aspect may surprise you. This blog is not necessarily my best work so don't judge off of this. I am an English major at my college and next year I'm going to try and enter The New Writing Dundee which is a fiction magazine based in Dundee, Scotland but they open their pages to anyone from around the world. Also I want to put out in the world that I am a nerdfighter who loves Trock. If you don't know what ether of those I shall explain. A nerdfighter is just like a regular human but instead of being made of tissues and organs and stuff we are made of awesome. Go to nerdfighter.ning.com to find out more. Trock is the abbreviated name for time lord rock which is a genre of music based entirely on Doctor Who. I am obsessed with Doctor Who and another show called Firefly, which unfortunately was canceled. Look I'm going on and on about things I'll sign off now.

The Fable of life is thinking we are split, Browncoats and Alliance. We are all one.

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